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A New January : Biography : Profile : Rich Sandrok

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Rich Sandrok's Profile

Name:  Rich Sandrok

Alias(es):  Rok, Reotch, Urch, Mr. Rich

Member of ANJ since:  October 1999

Profession:  I currently work at a slaughterhouse by day and strip by night.  My dream is to save enough money to become a Fly-Girl from In Living Color.  Wait...that show is...canceled?  F%@K!

Birthday:  It's usually cold and blustery and home-by-the-fire weather.

Equipment:  I feel dirty answering this question.

Other projects/bands:  EVL, Terminal Bliss

First album bought:  Duran Duran, Notorious.  "All She Wants Is" is still one of the hottest songs on the planet.

Music:  How about NOT-emo (or any derived genre), NOT-pop country, and NOT-straight-up gangsta shit that I have to watch a bunch of prep-/hipster guys try and mouth along to.

TV:  The Simpsons, The Tick, Arrested Development, Action, Battlestar Galactica.

Movies:  Strictly pr0n based on existing movies.  You know... Edward Penishands, Splendor in the Ass, Shaving Ryan's Privates, A Tail of Two Titties.  You get the picture.

Food:  I'm in an electronic band.  I think I'm required to say sushi is the best.  But that's also because it is.

Drink:  Ketel martini.  Dirty.  Three olives.

Hopes:  Now I'm going to be serious.  I am encouraged by what I see these days.  The internet seems to bring forth a lot of good in this day and age.  True, there are plenty of idiots out there; some forums read like a gathering of strangers who would just as soon poke each others' eyes out with dull pencils as they would ignore each other.  But, I have been finding there are a lot of smart people as well.

These days I devote far too much of my mental energies thinking about the future.  By that I mean things like human evolution and the Singularity.  I like relating those far-reaching, almost sci-fi speculations to what I see now.  Smart people are sharing ideas that fly around the globe and are listened to and expanded upon by countless other smart people.  Plants take root and grow with the help of community.  Communities will break shackles that bind us.  Sick of Middle East oil?  People are working on solutions faster than our government.  Why?  Because they believe in bettering humanity.  That is encouraging to me.

To bring this to a simple, poignant statement:  I hope that our technology and the people who influence, develop, and invent it usher in an evolved human race in my lifetime.  I hope to see what happens when we create something smarter than ourselves.  I look forward to becoming a spiritual machine.

Some Places I've had fun exploring lately:

Fears:  Bugs.