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A New January : Biography : Profile : Andre Filardo

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Andre Filardo's Profile

Name:  Andre Filardo

Alias(es):  Dre, Dredillah, Drizzle, Dre Dog, guar's big bro, "that guy"

Member of ANJ since:  January 1993

Profession:  I am currently employed by a reputatable company.  No more freelance crap for me!

Birthday:  You just missed it, but feel free to send money and gifts!  (I'm a Taurus)

Equipment:  Gear from Roland, Korg, Gibson, E-mu, DOD, Ensoniq, Steinberg, Digidesign, Propellerheads, Mackie, Fostex, Sony, Peavey, Kramer, Fender, tons of VSTi's and loops... the list goes on and on.

Other projects/bands:  Glitter Assassin, Dredillah, Comasoft, Flutter, Breather, Crippletown (aka Violent New Breed), Crop, Spearmint, T&A, Initial Two, Forever In A Day, Dredillah vs Prymal

First album bought:  I actually had a gift certificate and bought UTFO, Michael Jackson's Thriller and The Cure's The Top all on the same day.

Music:  My current iPod rotation includes the Cooper Temple Clause, Trail of Dead, Motley Crue, Placebo, Skinny Puppy, IamX, Assemblage23, The Last Town Chorus, Slowdive, and the last two My Chemical Romance albums.

TV:  Spike, Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi Network (SG1), NO REALITY SHOWS!

Movies:  Most horror and sci-fi, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, Natural Born Killers and Pi.

Food:  Veggie but I love beef jerky (go figure).

Drink:  Redbull and vodka.

Hopes:  Yes, I hope.

Fears:  Hand Banana