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A New January : Biography

Kind words from the masses...

"I just finished listening to all the material.  You guys definitely progressed to perfection!  I agree, your latest material is your best yet."

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A New January (ANJ) pulls its influences from a wide variety of genres including electronica, alternative rock, and industrial.  Most notable comparisons have included bands such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Curve.

2007 saw the unveiling of ANJ's latest studio effort, Self-Medicate.  This release, the first to be entirely produced from concept to final mixes at Negative Nine, represents a more raw and even darker sound than their previous album, Cold and Naked – an evolution of the band's sonic signature.  Heavy electronic elements intermingle with distorted guitars and mangled audio, all the while retaining a certain pop sensibility.

ANJ began in Chicago in 1993 as a synth-pop band with Andre Filardo on vocals and guitar, Chris Garcia on keyboards and Kaven Crosby on keyboards and guitar.  In late 1999, A New January regrouped as Andre, Chris and Rich Sandrok (veteran of Chicago-based bands such as industrial-rockers, EVL, and synth-pop band, Terminal Bliss) on keyboards and guitar, and has evolved into a grittier electronica-rock version of its former self.

ANJ's first album, entitled Bleached Out Bubble Bath, was released on cassette in 1994.  This collection of original synth-pop creations garnered positive feedback and led to several performances on college campuses and other small venues.  They also received requests for tapes from overseas due to an early Internet presence.

In 1996, they gave birth to Patchwork Shadows, the band's second album and first CD release.  Darker in tone than previous efforts, Patchwork Shadows incorporated elements of gothic and industrial music, all while maintaining a fresh and vibrant new sound.

After Clothes was released in 1998. The nine-track CD EP contained four remixes of the title track, including one by Die Warzau guru, Jim Marcus.  This album brought the band into the electronica realm and farther away from their synth-pop origins.

A New January introduced Cold and Naked to the masses in 2003.  This album showed ANJ rocking like they've never rocked before.  Some songs contain a wall of guitar, some are electro-industrial stomps, and yet others are minimalist... but there's no doubt that they all rock.  Martin Atkins of Pigface contributed a remix of "Take It From Me" and ANJ recorded a cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" specifically for this release.

2007's Self-Medicate lends credence that A New January is a viable "alternative" to today's alternative music.